pool valves

Direct the Flow of Water

what do pool valves do?

Just like the sinks, showers, and bathtubs in your home use faucets to control the flow of water, a pool plumbing system uses pool valves to direct the flow of water to where it is needed, or to prevent the flow of water where it is not wanted.

Different Types Of Valves

Diverter Valve

The most requested swimming pool valve on the market is the Jandy Diverter Valve. Jandy diverter pool valves divert water and are available with two or three ports. A 2-port valve essentially acts as a 1-way-in / 1-way-out valve, allowing for water flow to be shut off completely or to restrict the flow of water for a lower flow rate. A 3-port valve provides more flexibility with one in-port and two out-ports that regulate the direction water flows by either:

  1. Isolating the flow to one pipe
  2. Splitting the flow between two pipes
  3. Restricting / preventing flow from an incoming pipe
Jandy NeverLube Diverter Valve


How a check valve works

Check Valve

A pool check valve is a type of pool valve that provides for one-way water flow, or more importantly, to prevent the flow of water in the opposite direction. Some pool check valves also allow you to monitor the flow of water through a clear lid to ensure proper pool check valve operation. Pool check valves are most commonly used for the following reasons:

  1. For pool pads installed on higher ground or several feet above the pool water level to prevent water from draining back into the pool when the pump is not running.
  2. To prevent backflow of water from a chlorinator into a heater or filter. This water contains a high concentration of chlorine and can potentially damage the pool heater.
  3. To prevent backflow of water into a spa air blower which will damage the blower's motor.
  4. To prevent cycling of water in a loop, e.g. solar heater systems.

Ball Valve

Similar to a two-way diverter valve, a ball valve is used to regulate the flow of pool water in one direction and is best utilized to shut off the flow of water completely.

valve automation

Pool valve actuators automate the movement of a valve, and thus the directional flow of water, at the push of a button — even from inside your home. Paired with the AquaLink® automation and an iQ20 web-connect device, you can even control diverter valves anytime, anywhere from your mobile device using the FREE iAquaLink™ app.

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