The Versa Plumb® System

The Jandy Pro Series Versa Plumb System delivers the highest energy efficiency through its innovative design that maximizes hydraulic integrity. With this system you will use a lower horsepower pump and less plumbing pipe and fittings, all while reducing energy consumption and installation time.

Versa Plumb Kit with JXi Heater

50% More Hydraulic Efficiency*

The Versa Plumb System reduces hydraulic resistance by up to 50% versus other equipment sets in its class.

Uses Less Horsepower

The Versa Plumb System's increased hydraulic efficiency allows for up to a 1/2 HP smaller pump to achieve the same level of flow, resulting in greater energy savings.

40% Faster Installation

Fastest installation due to our pre-assembled plumbing kits, which enable quick and consistent equipment plumbing design to reduce installation costs.

50% Less Plumbing Pipe and Fittings

Innovative system design requires less plumbing pipe and fittings, while increasing hydraulic efficiency.

Our innovative pump designs are at the heart of the Versa Plumb System, enhancing energy efficiency.

  • User-friendly features such as ergonomic drain plugs and handles, cam-lock lids, and large trap baskets make maintenance easy
  • Get the ultimate energy savings with our ultra-efficient variable or 2-speed pumps

Our heaters integrate the most advanced features for superior hydraulic integrity and a better user experience.

  • Hydraulically-efficient header designed for low pressure drop
  • Reduced plumbing costs and increased energy efficiency, all using the smallest footprint

Achieve a crystal-clear body of water with our complete line of Versa Plumb cartridge, DE and sand filters.

  • Easy-grip handles and extra-large drain ports for ease of installation and cleaning
  • Convenient pressure gauge with clean/dirty indicator for ease of use

Jandy Pro Series offers a range of robust in-line salt water sanitizing systems to suit a variety of needs.

  • AquaPure® salt systems integrate seamlessly with all Versa Plumb equipment sets
  • All Versa Plumb-ready salt systems are designed with plumbing flexibility in mind

Jandy Pro Series valves set the benchmark for quality and reliability.

  • Available with NeverLube® technology for zero maintenance
  • Available in a variety of options and sizes to suit virtually all needs

Sweep Elbows

Jandy Pro Series Sweep Elbow

Integrated sweep elbows for maximum hydraulic efficiency.

  • Long radius Versa Plumb sweep elbows for maximum hydraulic flow
  • Simple, consistent equipment plumbing design

Three Plumbing Kits Available

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CV Standard Kit

For Stealth™ (SHP), ePump™ (JEP) Pumps, CV Filter and JXi™ or LXi™ Heaters.

CV Solar Kit

For Stealth (SHP), ePump (JEP) Pumps, CV Filter and JXi or LXi Heaters—with solar-ready plumbing. This solar kit ensures compliance with California Energy Commission's Building Energy Efficiency Standards (Title 24).

CS Standard Kit

For FloPro™ (FHP) and VS-FloPro (VS-FHP) Pumps, CS Filter and JE Heat Pumps.

*Comparison is between Jandy Pro Series Versa Plumb System using a Jandy Pro Series Pump, Versa Plumb Filter, LXi™ Heater, AquaPure® Salt System, and NeverLube® Valves with sweep elbows versus competitors' equipment using comparable pump, filter, heater, sanitizer and valves.

**Actual plumbing pipe color may vary.