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If you use your pool year-round, if electricity is expensive where you live, or if you have a...

Jandy Pro Series Stealth Inground Pool Pump

Single-speed pumps run at one consistent speed while two-speed pumps can be set to full or...

Jandy Pro Series WaterFeature Inground Pool Pumps

Transform your backyard into an oasis with pumps that power water features and waterfalls.

Watch a One Minute Video on iQPUMP01

iQPUMP01 Pool Pumps Automation Video
Jandy Pro Series IQPUMP01 Instant Automation

2 HP Pool Pump

Get Energy Savings with Variable Speed Pumps or 2-Speed Pumps

Jandy Pro Series energy efficient inground pool pumps are the heart of your swimming pool system. Pumps provide the hydraulic power for pool and spa equipment.

Whether for new construction or aftermarket replacement, there is a Jandy Pro Series pump for every application.

According to ENERGY STAR, multi-speed pumps save energy by reducing pump speed; a speed reduction by one-half uses just one-eighth as much energy. Certified pool pumps save more than a thousand dollars over their lifetime, pay for themselves in five years, run quieter, and prolong the life of a pool's filtration system.

Learn how much you can save by using a Jandy Pro Series variable-speed pump with the Pool Pump Savings Calculator.

iQPUMP01 Pool Automation with Variable Speed Pump

Instant Pump Automation with iQPUMP01

iQPUMP01 enables app control for Jandy variable speed pool pumps. A mobile pump user interface that allows pool professionals to easily install, set up, and control the pump using a smartphone and the iAquaLink app.

iQPUMP01's built-in hotspot technology makes set up and programming simple, even without internet access.

Power-Up The Pump
Power-On Additional Equipment

Jandy variable-speed pumps feature an auxiliary relay which, when combined with iQPUMP01, enables instant automation for your pump — plus one additional piece of equipment — using the iAquaLink app. Available on all 2.2 and 2.7 HP Jandy Pro Series variable-speed pumps, it eliminates the need for an additional time clock to control equipment such as a booster pump or saltwater chlorinator.

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