Infinite WaterColors™ Nicheless LED Lights

Put a personal touch on pool design with limitless color lighting options

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Your color options are endless. Jandy Infinite WaterColors Nicheless Lights let you instantly select any color without having to cycle through, and the options don’t end there…

While you can easily choose from 10 pre-set colors and five light shows, you’re no longer limited to just these pre-set selections — you now have unbounded access to transform your pool’s hue with a custom color palette generator— so you can turn your pool lights, red, blue, green and anything in-between. Advanced features even allow you to set the intensity of each light with advanced dimming capabilities and group lights into four separate zones that can be illuminated by different colors.

For the ultimate convenience in lighting control, Jandy Infinite WaterColors lights work with Jandy AquaLink® RS to make turning on/off lights and picking a shade simple using an intuitive interface via the iAquaLink® app. You can even operate your lighting using a native skill for Alexa voice control and simply saying, “Alexa, make the pool light fuchsia,” or “Alexa, turn on the spa light.

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