Why settle for sufficient when you can get superior.... With Jandy equipment, you’re getting a product that’s easy to install in most pool pads, compatible with most existing setups and provides unparalleled performance and efficiency.

Protecting Your Bottom Line

We've got your back. Our equipment is NOT available for purchase on the internet. Only through you.

Drops In with Ease

Jandy equipment is engineered to easily replace any existing equipment in the pool pad with minimal plumbing adjustments. Jandy is a trade-up, not just a trade out.

Built to Last

Our equipment is designed for durability so you can get the job done and can trust that it will perform for the long haul.

Support You Can Count On

With our superior customer service and dedicated training team available to you when you need it most, you'll never be caught off-guard on-site.

The Best Drop In Replacement Products

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Why JXi is the First Choice when Replacing a Heater

Jandy Best Retro Fit Option
Best Retrofit Option

3-port header for easy plumbing and drop-in replacement of Pentair® MasterTemp®.

Jandy Flexible Installation
Flexible Installation

Top can be easily removed for increased accessibility and rotated 180 degrees so you never need to rotate headers.

Jandy Products Easy to Service
Easy to Service

Includes a flip up electrical panel for convenient setup and service.

Jandy Products Keeps Critters out
Keeps Critters Out

The JXi is made with a fully encased shell to protect against rodent intrusion and damage.

Why Jandy VS FloPro is the First Choice when Replacing a Pool Pump

VS FloPro Pump Has the Right Dimension
The Right Dimensions

The Jandy VS FloPro pumps come with an adjustable base so you can be certain the plumbing lines up regardless of what pump you’re replacing.

VS FloPro Pump is Small for Servicing
Small for Service

No need to make more room… The Jandy VS FloPro pumps take up less space in your truck and on the pad.

VS FloPro Dual Voltage Pool Pump
The Power Play

Whether the pre-existing pump is wired for 230V or 115V, it doesn’t matter with the Jandy VS FloPro. Its autosensing, dual-voltage design allows it to work with both —without having to rewire.

VS FloPro Pool Pump Has Everything You Need
Everything You Need

2" unions come complimentary with the pump so you can easily accommodate 1.5” or up to 3" plumbing with the use of the appropriate reducer fitting.

Make Jandy your next drop in replacement

Download the Jandy Drop-In Replacement Guide for model comparisons, dimensions, and more.

Jandy Drop In Replacement Guide