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Talk is cheap. We're taking action.

Our new Trade Series Exclusive Policy takes effect January 1, 2019.
Here's how we'll be supporting you.


Quitting the internet

We will prohibit the online sale of all Jandy Pro Series equipment as outlined in our new Trade Series Exclusive Policy.


No warranty if purchased online

We will not provide a Manufacturer's Warranty on Jandy Pro Series equipment purchased online as indicated in our new Jandy limited warranty.


Pro Install required

We require that all Jandy equipment be installed and/or serviced by a qualified pool professional. A label specifying this will be applied to all Jandy Pro Series equipment packaging.


Proactively monitor

We will monitor the internet 24/7 and encourage pool pros to report policy violations at enforcement@zodiac.com.


Aggressively enforce

We reserve the right to refuse to sell Trade Series Exclusive products to any distributor or dealer in violation of our policy and/or withhold earned loyalty or rebate incentives. Read FAQs.


Notify consumers

We have taken a clear company stance and are actively notifying consumers of our new policy on Jandy.com.


promote the professional

We are actively promoting pool professionals and making it easier for consumers to find them for their equipment needs.


Advertising guidelines

We have published a new Jandy Pro Series Advertising Policy to standardize how Jandy Pro Series equipment is to be advertised.


Trade Series Exclusive List

We have published our new Trade Series Exclusive List to clearly identify Jandy Pro Series equipment that is not to be sold or transacted online.


Effective 1.1.2019

We will proactively notify distributors and dealers of our new policy through December 2018 so they can plan accordingly and prepare for January 1, 2019, when the new policy takes effect.

What you can do

(1) Report policy violations at enforcement@zodiac.com and
(2) drive support for the Jandy Pro Series equipment line.


Are you Jandy Strong?

If you're interested in finding out more about our new Jandy Trade Series Exclusive Policy or have further questions, submit your email below and we’ll follow up within 48 hours.