NEW! VersaTemp™ Heat/Chill Pump

High Performance. Less Noise.


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Whether you enjoy warm and relaxing water or prefer it cool and refreshing, the Jandy VersaTemp Heat / Chill pump with SoundShield™ Technology regulates your pool and spa’s temperature for the utmost comfort while significantly reducing operational noise (compared to previous Jandy models). An energy-efficient and eco-friendly way of heating your pool when you want to raise the temperature, the VersaTemp draws heat from the air into your pool water. And for overly hot days when you want to cool off, it pulls heat from the pool. And, for the best of both worlds, it features dual thermostats so you can set the perfect temperature in your pool and spa. Intuitive and convenient to use, the VersaTemp regulator comes with an accessible LCD control panel to easily adjust the set point and allows for anytime, anywhere iAquaLink® app control using any AquaLink pool automation system so enjoying your pool is a pleasure… Not a process.

NEW! VersaTemp™ Heat/Chill Pump Features

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