Powerhouse 8-Port Valve

Electric 8-Port Valve

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This high efficiency valve boosts pool cleaning capacity to a powerful level that competitors can’t touch. Perfect for larger pools or those with multiple water features, this valve is the only electric 8-Port system on the market. No other valve provides customizable runtimes, quicker cleaning, and less energy use.

Powerhouse 8-Port Valve Frequently asked questions

Find the water valve. It is either near your pool equipment or pool. Zodiac offers two cleaning valve styles:
  1. Jandy 5-Port Hydraulic Valve: Black dome-shaped water valve with 5 pipes coming out of the bottom and a pressure gauge on the top.
  2. Jandy 8-Port Electronic Valve: Black cylinder-shaped water valve with 8 pipes coming out of the bottom side. This valve was previously known as Ultraflex and Ultraflex 2. These valves have a motor inside with a lid on top. To determine which Ultraflex you have look at the valve lid. If there is a circular knob in the center of the lid then you have an Ultraflex. If the lid has two tab handles on the outer edge then you have an Ultraflex 2 system.
The cleaning head must be in the full down position to remove.
  1. Attach the Head Removal Tool to the pool pole.
  2. Snap Removal Tool into the head.
  3. Turn counter-clockwise to release head from collar. Turn clockwise if you have pre-1992 threaded cleaning heads.
  4. Pull and lift head out of collar.
  5. Inspect head, nozzle and collar for debris.
Verify that valve is rotating and valve cover is in place. Turn knob on the controller to 15 seconds and check for 24ACV on the brown and green wire of the motor. Every 15 seconds you should get voltage there for 3-4 seconds. If voltage is not there check for a nick or cut in the wire, or for the controller PCB not sending voltage out. Check the brown and green wires at the controller box PCB.
To access the 8-Port (UltraFlex2) controller electronics, unscrew the 2 controller box cover screws and remove the cover. Remove the valve lid to access the motor assembly and sensor PCB. ALWAYS turn off power at source before making wiring or connection adjustments.
The controller is equipped with a fuse reset button on the transformer. With power turned off at the main circuit breaker, press the button to reset. You can also turn off the relay that feeds power to the valve and turn it back on after 10 seconds.
The cable used to connect the controller to the motor assembly in the valve, must be 18 – 22 gauge, color-coded cable. Preferably Zodiac-supplied cable should be used. The color sequence of the wiring must be correct and the same at both the controller and motor connections. For example, blank wire in #5 position at both locations, white wire in #4 position, etc.
The system is in error mode. The controller will go into error mode (quick flashing LED light) for one of two reasons:
  1. The controller is sending voltage to the motor and after 10 seconds the motor has not advanced. This indicates a faulty wire or a bad motor.
  2. The motor receives voltage and rotates through all of the zones without stopping. This will lead to an error mode after 10 seconds and indicates a bad sensor on the motor. Keep in mind that the sensor inside the valve is light sensitive and the lid should remain on during troubleshooting. To reset the error mode, reset the breaker that feeds power to the unit.
  1. Check for debris underneath the top plate or around the face seal O-ring and clean if necessary.
  2. Verify that top plate is tight. Retighten or replace O-ring if necessary.
  3. Check Shaft Seal for leaking, replace if necessary.
  4. Verify that the drain plug on the side of the valve is removed, so if any water gets into the valve, it will not flood the motor.
  1. Verify that valve cover is properly in place.
  2. Sensor could be defective or damaged, replace.
Note: If the sensor is defective order (part# 3-7-6) for Ultralfex or (part# 2-7-304) for the Ultraflex II from dealer.
  1. Clean the filter, pump basket, and skimmer baskets. Backwash filter if necessary.
  2. Make sure all auxiliary valves such as surface returns, waterfall, spa overflow, are closed.
  3. Verify that the valve is not in pause mode.
  4. Check power connections at controller, pressure switch and valve. Make sure GFI is not tripped.
  5. If the red LED light is on but the valve is not rotating check under the pressure plate for restrictions such as debris or a damaged O-ring or Tee Assembly.
  6. Verify voltage is making it to the motor and that the lid is on to prevent any light from disrupting sensor communication.

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