Jandy Pro Series Ozone Generator

Pool & Spa Ozone Generator


The Jandy Pro Series Ozone is a highoutput, long-life corona discharge system for the cleanest, clearest water possible.

Corona discharge for maximum efficiency and long-term reliability

Our new Jandy Pro Series Ozone system delivers the high-output and energy efficiency of a true corona discharge ozone generator in a simple-to-install, extremely reliable system. It supplements existing chlorine feeders, mineral sanitizers, and salt water systems for the cleanest, clearest water possible. Available in three sizes with two installation kit options. One generator and one installation kit (either CDIM or CDMDV) is required. CDMDV features a clear tube where water and ozone are mixed before delivery into the water.

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Jandy Pro Series Ozone Generator Frequently asked questions

  1. If ball is moving, ozone generator can perform well at flows above and below recommended range.
  2. Check the strainer for clogging.
  3. Check the filter.
  1. Check pump, filters, and skimmers to ensure water is flowing through injector.
  2. Ensure that there is no debris clogged inside the injector.
  3. Check for kinks or clogs.
  4. Check for cracks or cuts.
  5. Check connections.
  6. Check that the gas line check valve is installed with the arrow pointing towards the injector.
  7. Be sure that the gas line check valve has not become fouled with debris. Disconnect the Ozone Tube from the injector. With the pump running, cover the end of the injector with your thumb, and feel for suction. If there is sufficient suction without the gas line check valve, replace the gas line check valve with a new one.
  1. Replace the ozone tube and gas line check valve every year.
  2. In between annual maintenance, check for cracks or leaks and replace as necessary.
  1. Check circuit breaker at the power distribution box.
  2. Check for loose connections or wiring breaks from the power distribution box to the generator.
  3. Replace fuse with a glass, .25” x 1.25”, 1 amp, slo-blo type.
  4. Check power cord and reset G.F.C.I.