Jandy - Premium Professional-Grade Equipment

Jandy equipment stands apart from the pack because all components are engineered from the ground up to work together to drive maximum hydraulic efficiency and reduced energy consumption. Build the perfect pool environment with a full line of pumps, filters, heaters, lights, valves, water sanitizers, and the automation solutions to control it all. No matter the size, shape or style of your pool, Jandy has the complete package.

Take control of your backyard experience with the most user-friendly, innovative pool automation...

Caretaker In Floor Cleaning Valve for Swimming Pools

Own the self-cleaning pool you've always wanted.

VS FloPro 2.7HP DV2A Pump Side View

The heart of your pool system - Save money with Jandy energy-efficient pumps.

Versa Plumb Kit with JXi Heater

Versa Plumb kits have been engineered as components of the whole system, not individual pieces of...

pool filter cartridge

The complete line of Jandy filters deliver the crystal clear water you desire, along with unique...

Jandy Pro Series JXi Pool Heater

Bring the future of heating comfort to your pool or spa today.

Jandy Never Lube Valve

For over 30 years Jandy valves have been the undisputed leader in the pool and spa industry.

Choose from a variety of products to quickly and easily turn your pool into a clean, clear paradise.

Create a dazzling pool experience with Jandy lighting.

Pool Ladder Braced

Engineered from the ground up, Jandy rails and ladders add a reliable measure of safety for pool...

Sheer Descent Waterfall Water Feature

Increase the enjoyment of every pool with the soothing sound and shimmer of falling water.

Jandy K2300 Levolor Electronic Water Leveling

Accurate water leveling technology for any application.