TruChlor™ Erosion Feeder

The Jandy TruChlor Erosion Feeder offers optimal performance and operation with any equipment setup


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The Jandy TruChlor Erosion Feeder is a hassle-free chlorine delivery device that provides convenient and even chlorine distribution for in-ground pools. Designed with a transparent lid that allows you to see when to replace tablets, a larger body cavity that makes it simple to replace them and enables easier maintenance and a built-in flow indicator that lets you monitor performance, Truchlor offers reliable sanitization you can count on. Featuring fully unionized construction for superior durability with all the piping inside the unit to prevent leaks, TruChlor is available in three models that can be installed with ease either in-line or offline to suit any pool-pad setup. And for more efficient use, TruChlor is the only erosion feeder that offers optimized operation with variable-speed pumps— even at lower pump speeds.

TruChlor™ Erosion Feeder Features

TruChlor™ Erosion Feeder Specifications