Erosion Chemical Feeder

Consistent, Dependable Sanitization

Get safe, controlled chlorine delivery that’s even throughout your pool with the Jandy Erosion Feeder. Unlike floating, plastic dispensers which can deteriorate over time and lead to concentrated areas of heavier chlorine, the Erosion Feeder provides consistent sanitization. Designed to automatically dissolve chlorine tablets at the pool pad — so water is treated as it passes through the feeder before flowing back out to your pool — you can easily regulate the amount of chlorine or as needed using a simple ball valve control.

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  • Safe Chemical Tab Sanitization - Harsh chemicals can be abrasive to pool surfaces and cause discomfort to swimmers. Prolong the life of your pool and avoid skin irritation, unpleasant fumes and excess maintenance by keeping dissolving chemicals plumbed into the pool pad and away from people, pool surfaces and equipment.
  • No Hot Spots - Floating dispensers can lead to spotty sanitization. The Erosion Feeder ensures your pool water is sanitized throughout by treating it as it flows back out to your pool for more consistent sanitization.
  • Control as You Go - Chlorine levels low or high? The Erosion Feeder is engineered using a simple ball valve control to easily regulate the flow of water as it dissolves the chlorine tablets, so you can either limit or increase the amount of chlorine or in your pool based on recommended chemical readings.
  • Long-lasting and Reliable - Built strong to last, the Erosion Feeder uses durable Jandy materials that won’t deteriorate or breakdown due to weather or concentrated chemical levels.
  • Efficient Operation - Add on to your pool pad without adding extra electrical expenses. Powered by your pump, the Erosion Feeder provides efficient and automated operation only when your pool's circulation system is running.
  • Chlorine Capacity - Capable of holding up to 6 pounds of chlorine tablets (approx. 14 tablets) for prolonged use.