Workhorse 5-Port Valve

Hydraulic 5-Port Valve

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Considered the workhorse of the industry, this valve has long provided pool owners with a dependable and efficient in-floor cleaning system. Ideal for smaller pools or spas, the 5-Port Valve maximizes power to give your pool a robust and thorough cleaning.

Workhorse 5-Port Valve Specifications

Workhorse 5-Port Valve Frequently asked questions

Find the water valve. It is either near your pool equipment or pool. Zodiac offers two cleaning valve styles:
  1. Jandy 5-Port Hydraulic Valve: Black dome-shaped water valve with 5 pipes coming out of the bottom and a pressure gauge on the top.
  2. Jandy 8-Port Electronic Valve: Black cylinder-shaped water valve with 8 pipes coming out of the bottom side. This valve was previously known as Ultraflex and Ultraflex 2. These valves have a motor inside with a lid on top. To determine which Ultraflex you have look at the valve lid. If there is a circular knob in the center of the lid then you have an Ultraflex. If the lid has two tab handles on the outer edge then you have an Ultraflex 2 system.
The cleaning head must be in the full down position to remove.
  1. Attach the Head Removal Tool to the pool pole.
  2. Snap Removal Tool into the head.
  3. Turn counter-clockwise to release head from collar. Turn clockwise if you have pre-1992 threaded cleaning heads.
  4. Pull and lift head out of collar.
  5. Inspect head, nozzle and collar for debris.
  1. Clean the filter, pump basket, skimmer, and valve cup strainer.
  2. Make sure all auxiliary valves such as surface returns, waterfall, and spa overflows are closed.
  3. Turn pump on and off several times to clear system.
  4. Remove valve, turn upside down, and spray pressurized water up into the valve.
  5. Order a valve rebuild kit if necessary.

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