Proven Performance. Proven Durability.

Experience the savings offered by the Jandy Pro Series Hi-E2 Swimming Pool Heater and extend your swimming season all-year-long.

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Jandy Pro Series Hi-E2 Swimming Pool Heater—Proven Performance. Proven Durability.

The Hi-E2 sets the standard for pool heaters with a proven in-use record of over 20 years providing ultra-efficient heating with up to a 95% efficiency rating — which cuts operating costs by 15% or more*. Featuring a compact design, the Hi-E2 weighs in at 34% lighter than comparable heaters and with a 33% smaller footprint. The best option for retrofits, it’s easy to install, allowing for flexible indoor installation with direct PVC pipe connections. Made with durable and dependable corrosion-resistant materials and quality construction, the Hi-E2 is the most trusted high-efficiency heater in America.

*Versus 399K BTU heater with minimum DOE efficiency of 82%

Available for sale only at your local pool store. This product can not be purchased online.


  • 33% smaller footprint, 42% smaller in volume and 34% lighter than the leading competitor.
  • Direct connection of PVC venting and intake air provides flexible indoor installation with no additional parts
  • Up to 95%* heating efficiency rating which can reduce operating costs by 15% or more**

    *95% efficiency applies to certain models only. Other models have a 93% efficiency rating.
    **Versus 399K BTU heater with minimum DOE efficiency of 82%

  • Over 20 years of proven in-use performance

Technical Details

  • Hot surface ignition provides quick start-up
  • Compact design fits almost anywhere
  • Sealed combustion, bronze headers, PVC venting, ASME Certified
  • Available in 350K BTU size


Models Description
EHE350NB Jandy Pro Series EHE,350,Nat,Bronze,Hi-E2R
EHE350NC Jandy Pro Series Hi-E2, 350N Bronze, ASME, 350K BTU Heater, HSI, Dual Thermostat
EHE350NS Jandy Pro Series HiE2, 350K BTU, NAT, ASME/Salt Water
EHE350PB Jandy Pro Series EHE,350,Pro,Bronze,Hi-E2R
EHE350PC Jandy Pro Series HI-E2, 350P Bronze, ASME, 350K BTU Heater, HSI, Dual ThermoStat
EHE350PS Jandy Pro Series HiE2, 350K BTU, LP, ASME/Salt Water

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Pool Heaters Hi-E2 Heater Parts

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Are heating appliances compatible with salt water chlorination?

For the last 20 years, Zodiac has been using a patented technology associating polyamides and titanium, both of which are totally free from the effects of corrosion. Today over 120,000 appliances have been installed without any corrosion defects. If a salt water chlorination method is being used, it is important to install a check valve between the heater outlet and the salt water chlorinator, to prevent high concentrations of chlorinated water from back siphoning into the heater.

Must my pool be covered (cover, rolling shutter...) or sheltered if it is to be heated?

No, it is perfectly possible to heat an "open air" pool without a cover or a shelter. The power and fuel requirements is similar to heating a house with the windows open! This is why we recommend the use of an insulating cover to limit heat loss to the open air when the pool is being heated. A covered or sheltered pool will reduce the amount of fuel needed and reduce the operating cost. Example: A 400 square foot pool in Tampa, heated to 82F year round could save 50% on the heating bill just by keeping the pool covered for 20 hours a day.

Interested in getting a cover for your pool to save money? Check out our Coverpool products www.coverpools.com


Technical Specifications Hi-E2 Gas Heater

Item #: SA6359
File Size: 633814
Language: EN

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Jandy Hi-E2 Heater I/O Manual

Item #: H0205000
File Size: 3422240
Language: EN

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Jandy Hi-E2 Troubleshooting

Item #: 0748
File Size: 137088
Language: EN

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Jandy Hi-E2 Hardware Replacement Kits Parts List

Item #: H0215400
File Size: 100080
Language: EN

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Hi-E2 Pool Heater Combustion Blower Replacement Kit

Item #: H0217800
File Size: 1028435
Language: EN

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