SFTM Top Mount Pool Sand Filter

No More Sand Migration or Channeling

The SFTM Top-Mount Pool Sand Filter directs water evenly across the entire surface of sand without sand migration or channeling.

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Easy to Install, Simple to Maintain

Our Top-Mount Sand Filters are designed with features to make installation easy and filter more water, faster.


  • Large 2" valve for increased flow and enhanced filtration (SFTM24-2.0)
  • 7-position multi-port valve can be rotated to quickly adjust filter mode
  • 360° clamp-style valve rotates for easy installation
  • Laterals fold up/down for quick installation and to service (SFTM24-2.0)
  • Blow-molded tank is corrosion and UV-resistant
  • Combination water/sand drain for easy maintenance and winterizing
  • Unions and adapters included - no need to buy additional parts


Feature SFTM22-1.5 SFTM24-2.0
Filtration Area 2.60 ft.2 3.04 ft.2
Valve Plumbing Size 1½" 2"
Filtration Flow Rate 50 gpm 60 gpm
Backwash Flow Rate 38 gpm 40 gpm
Max. Working Pressure 35 psi 35 psi
Eight (8) Hour Capacity 24,960 gallons 29,760 gallons
Ten (10) Hour Capacity 31,200 gallons 37,200 gallons
Sand Required 250 lbs. 300 lbs.
Sand Requirements #20 Silica Sand, Size Range 40-55mm #20 Silica Sand, Size Range 40-55mm


Feature SFTM22-1.5 SFTM24-2.0
Height - Dimension "A" 31" 41.85"
Inlet Port - Dimension "B" 33.4" 38.75"
Outlet Port - Dimension "C" 28.6" 35.75"
Tank Width - Dimension "D" 22" 23.75"
Base Width - Dimension "E" 19" 19"


Models Description
SFTM22-1.5 Top Mount Sand Filter, 22", 1.5" Valve
SFTM24-2.0 Top Mount Sand Filter, 24", 2.0" Valve

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SFTM Sand Filter Brochure

Item #: SL6975
File Size: 1684320
Language: EN

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SFTM Installation and Operations Manual

Item #: H0579700
File Size: 29517628
Language: EN

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