JS Side Mount Sand Filter

Crystal clear water, effortless maintenance

JS Series Sand Filters are versatile and efficient

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Crystal clear water, effortless maintenance

Jandy® Pro Series Side Mount Sand Filters are available in two sizes and come with clean/dirty indicators on the pressure gauge, extra-large 2" sand and water drain ports, and an ergonomic filter lid, making service and winterization a breeze. As integral components of any Versa Plumb® System, the JS Series Sand Filters are both versatile and efficient.

Designed with an extra-deep sand bed and dual diffusers (JS-100 only) for improved filtration, the JS Side Mount Filter’s performance is unrivaled. Even the installation is made easy with three Jandy backwash valve kit options: 2-in-1 Never Lube® Valve, Slide Valve, or the Multi-Port Valve.


  • Versa Plumb ready for quick connection to Zodiac equipment
  • Easy installation or replacement of existing filter
  • Clean/dirty indicator on pressure gauge allows you to know exactly when to clean the filter for optimal filtration and water savings
  • Heavy-duty, durable composite body made of corrosion and UV resistant materials

Technical Details

  • Extra-large 2" drain port for ease of service
  • Ergonomic lid handles
  • Three (3) Backwash Valves kit options:
    • 2-in-1 Never Lube valve (BWVL-NVL)
    • Slide Valve (BWVL-SLD)
    • Multi-Port Valve (BWVL-MPV)


Feature JS60 JS100
Filter Area 3.14 ft.2 4.9 ft.2
Filtration 20 gpm/ft.2 20 gpm/ft.2
Filter Flow Rate 63 gpm 98 gpm
Backwash Min. Flow Rate 47 gpm 74 gpm
Max. Working Pressure 50 psi 50 psi
Six Hour Capacity 22,680 gallons 35,280 gallons
Normal Start Up Pressure 4-15 psi 6-15 psi
Shipping Weight 60 lbs 62 lbs
Dimension "A" 38.25" 44.5"
Dimension "B" 24" 30"
Dimension "C" 13.8" 18.5"
Dimension "D" 21.8" 26.5"


Models Description
JS60-SM Jandy Pro Series JS60-SM Packout Assembly
JS100-SM Jandy Pro Series JS100-SM Packout Assembly

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Filters JS Side Mount Sand Filter Parts

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Frequently Asked Questions

Click a frequently asked question below to see the answer.

Dirt returns to pool.

1. Hole in filter cartridge, replace filter cartridge if necessary.
2. Worn o-ring seal inside filter. Replace o-ring.

High pressure on start up.

1. Small eyeball fitting in pool/spa
2. Partially closed valve on return line.
3. Pump may be oversized. Check selection.
4. Filter dirty. Clean filter per instructions.

Low water flow.

1. Check pump basket for debris.
2. Check for air leaks on suction side.
3. Check for restrictions or blockage in either suction or return lines.
4. Filter needs to be cleaned or replaced.
5. Pool water level too low.
6. Pump not primed.
7. Pump impeller vanes blocked.
8. Strainer baskets not being used and/or not being cleaned regularly.
9.Pump operating under speed (low voltage) or at low speed.

Short filter cycles.

1. Presence of algae. Check sanitizer levels.
2. Check pH and total alkalinity.
3. Pump output exceeds design flow rate of filter. Check pump performance.
4. Ineffective cleaning, check conditions, replace filter cartridge.

Water is not clear.

1. Insufficient sanitizer level.
2. Incorrect pool chemistry.
3. Heavy bathing and or dirt loads.
4. Incorrect flow.
5. Insufficient running times.
6. Filter is dirty. (Clean per instructions.)
7. Hole in filter element.

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