AquaLink TCX Product Image with light switch
AquaLink TCX Product Image with light switch
AquaLink TCX Product Image
AquaLink TCX Conversion Kit Product Image
AquaLink TCX Product Image
AquaLink TCXCHP Accessory Product Image

AquaLink® TCX™ Pool Only Automation System

AquaLink® TCX™ is a simple way turn your existing pool into a Smart Pool so you can manage your pool from your smartphone with the intuitive iAquaLink® app. Set up schedules on-the-go, turn equipment On or OFF while you’re away, control the lights, heater, or cleaner remotely using your smart device. iAquaLink® also delivers helpful information to ensure your pool is running efficiently. For future-proof peace of mind, free built-in over-the-air firmware updates allow it to evolve infinitely — getting better as technology changes.

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  • NEW! Greater Convenience - Controls color lights, solar heat, water features and saltwater chlorination.
  • Your Pool In The Palm of Your Hand - Control your equipment from the comfort of home or on the go with your smart device.
  • Intuitive App Design - Intuitive app design provides quick access to equipment, so you can schedule your pump, operate white lights, set temperatures, and simply enjoy your pool.
  • Grows with Technology - Engineered to easily integrate with new equipment — now and into the future.
  • Always Up-to-Date - Free firmware updates happen over-the-air to ensure your AquaLink TCX system is always running at peak performance.