Levolor® LX2


Easily install LX2 on new or existing pool and spa equipment systems.

LX2 Model: Fill Only (Static Pipe)
Electronic fill device that detects low water conditions and automatically replaces water to a pre-set level. Ideal for new or existing pool and spa systems as well as fountains or ponds. Static pipe controller installation.


  • No moving parts
  • No extra in-deck canisters or under-deck pressurized fill lines
  • Waterproof enclosure and suitable for mechanical room environment
  • Ideal for pool and spa systems with water features where evaporation and splash out is common
  • Easily installed on new or existing pool and spa equipment systems with no modifications needed to the pool surface or structure
  • Time-out sequence guarantees against overfilling and hiding leaks
  • Easy-to-read LED display effectively communicates the status of the equipment
  • Available in 110/220 volt models
  • ETL® listed

Systems Include:
Controller (static pipe mount), sensor (dual style), and solenoid valve (where noted). Controls are wired 110V or 220V from factory.

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