Bring heating comfort to your pool or spa today

Bring heating comfort to your pool or spa today.

Legacy pool heaters deliver exceptional pool and spa comfort year‐round, while maximizing combustion efficiency for economical heating and are available in two models, electronic ignition and millivolt standing pilot.

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  • Ceramic fiber combustion chamber for lightweight, compact design
  • Copper heat exchanger and Flo‐Thru baffles provide efficient heat transfer and lower the amount of energy needed to heat your pool
  • Reliable hot surface ignition systems provide trouble‐free operation on LRZE (Electronic)* model
  • Digital control of set‐points (LRZE (Electronic)* model)
  • Self‐diagnostics and communication with AquaLink® RS Systems (LRZE (Electronic)* model)
  • Easy on/off temperature switch (LRZM (Millivolt)*
  • Mechanical thermostat easily sets temperatures (LRZM (Millivolt)*

*Cupro-nickel heat exchangers are available with some models.

Frequently asked questions

For the last 20 years, Zodiac has been using a patented technology associating polyamides and titanium, both of which are totally free from the effects of corrosion. Today over 120,000 appliances have been installed without any corrosion defects. If a salt water chlorination method is being used, it is important to install a check valve between the heater outlet and the salt water chlorinator, to prevent high concentrations of chlorinated water from back siphoning into the heater.
No, it is perfectly possible to heat an "open air" pool without a cover or a shelter. The power and fuel requirements is similar to heating a house with the windows open! This is why we recommend the use of an insulating cover to limit heat loss to the open air when the pool is being heated. A covered or sheltered pool will reduce the amount of fuel needed and reduce the operating cost. Example: A 400 square foot pool in Tampa, heated to 82F year round could save 50% on the heating bill just by keeping the pool covered for 20 hours a day. Interested in getting a cover for your pool to save money? Check out our Coverpool products www.coverpools.com