Air Energy™ heat pumps make life around the pool easy

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Save as much as 80% to heat your pool over alternate heating methods.

Jandy’s Air Energy heat pumps by Zodiac simply absorb free heat from the air and transfer it to the water, making the heating process efficient, ecological, and cost effective.

Four Different Sizes Available

  • EE1500 - 70,000 BTU / 6.4 COP Florida conditions (80/80/80)
    60,000 BTU / 5.4 COP (AHRI Standard 1160)
  • EE2000 - 112,000 BTU / 6.4 COP Florida conditions (80/80/80)
    93,000 BTU / 5.4 COP (AHRI Standard 1160)
  • EE2500 - 120,000 BTU / 6.3 COP Florida conditions (80/80/80)
    105,000 BTU / 5.5 COP (AHRI Standard 1160)
  • EE3000 - 140,000 BTU / 6.1 COP Florida conditions (80/80/80)
    130,000 BTU / 5.4 COP (AHRI Standard 1160)

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EE-Ti Frequently asked questions

Jandy heat pumps have a digital control thermostat, which allows you to set the exact pool temperature required. The heat pump also has a water pressure switch for sensing flow, which allows the heat pump to start and stop according to the filtration cycle. If the heat pump is being controlled by a control system, it can be operated through a low voltage connection on the controller. There is also the option to use the heat pump to operate a filter pump automatically in Maintain Heat Mode. This option will require additional equipment. Please see your local installer, dealer, or electrician for assistance with this method.