SFTM Top Mount Sand Filter

No More Sand Migration or Channeling


No More Sand Migration or Channeling

The SFTM Top-Mount Pool Sand Filter directs water evenly across the entire surface of sand without sand migration or channeling. Top-mount pool sand filters contain an extra deep sand bed for improved filtration. Its blow-molded tank is corrosion- and UV-resistant with a bottom drain that’s ideal for winterizing and draining. Other features include 7-way dial valve with "sight glass," automatic air relief and pressure gauge.

The SFTM has a non-corrosive resin clamp that allows 360° rotation of the dial valve for simple installation, alignment, and service of dial valve and filter components. A heavy-duty, freeze-resistant under-drain with "snap-fit" side slotted laterals draws water evenly across the full diameter of the sand bed (up to 25 gpm/sq.ft.) for higher flows, better filtration, longer cycles and more efficient backwashing.

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SFTM Top Mount Sand Filter Frequently asked questions

  1. Hole in filter cartridge, replace filter cartridge if necessary.
  2. Worn o-ring seal inside filter. Replace o-ring.
  1. Small eyeball fitting in pool/spa
  2. Partially closed valve on return line.
  3. Pump may be oversized. Check selection.
  4. Filter dirty. Clean filter per instructions.
  1. Check pump basket for debris.
  2. Check for air leaks on suction side.
  3. Check for restrictions or blockage in either suction or return lines.
  4. Filter needs to be cleaned or replaced.
  5. Pool water level too low.
  6. Pump not primed.
  7. Pump impeller vanes blocked.
  8. Strainer baskets not being used and/or not being cleaned regularly.
  9. Pump operating under speed (low voltage) or at low speed.
  1. Presence of algae. Check sanitizer levels.
  2. Check pH and total alkalinity.
  3. Pump output exceeds design flow rate of filter. Check pump performance.
  4. Ineffective cleaning, check conditions, replace filter cartridge.
  1. Insufficient sanitizer level.
  2. Incorrect pool chemistry.
  3. Heavy bathing and or dirt loads.
  4. Incorrect flow.
  5. Insufficient running times.
  6. Filter is dirty. (Clean per instructions.)
  7. Hole in filter element.