AquaSwitch™ Power Centers

AquaSwitch - Standard and Sub Panel Power Center with Breaker Mount Plate


Put all the essential controls for your pool, spa and backyard environment at your fingertips. The Jandy AquaSwitch is the most economical way to operate your pool and spa, lighting and water features from one central location. In addition, the system has a 24-hour time clock that automatically regulates filtration, with a handy status light to let you know when it is activated. Imagine no more manual operation of your pool and spa equipment.


  • Flush mount, weather resistant indoor or outdoor control panel
  • Control of filter pump, pool and spa heater, and two (2) auxiliary circuits
  • Optional 2nd Time Clock
  • Optional 2-Speed Motor Relay
  • Optional Freeze Protection Kit
  • Optional relays for auxiliary circuits
  • Optional JVA’s for auxiliary circuits(* Requires Part # 5254)
  • Wire Harness for Jandy Lite

The four switches on the AquaSwitch Wall Unit Control Panel are used to control the functions of the Pool and Spa equipment: switching from pool to spa function, setting the heater to "High Thermostat", "Low Thermostat" or "Off", or turning the Auxiliary equipment on or off. (For normal operation, the two switches at the Power Center must be in the "AUTO" (up) position.


Models Description
7300 Jandy AquaSwitch w/Standard Power Center & 2 JVA's
7488 Jandy AquaSwitch w/Breaker Power Center and 2 JVA's

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AquaSwitch Installation Manual

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AquaSwitch Installation Guide

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