Sheer Arc Cascade Waterfall

A beautiful display of water in motion

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Sheer Arc Cascade waterfalls project a sheet of water upward at 45 degrees, which then naturally arcs and descends to the pool surface.

All Sheer Arc Cascade waterfalls can be positioned just above the waterline — no raised bond beam is required — making it perfect for vinyl liner pools. Add a stylized water feature that is a step about other waterfalls to make your pool a work of art.

Sheer Arc Cascade Waterfall Specifications

Sheer Arc Cascade Waterfall Frequently asked questions

When ordering Sheer Descent Waterfalls, please indicate style, lip color, feed type and lip size. If ordering a Super Radius cut, please indicate whether the cut should be convex or concave and specify the dimension of the radius.

Select the following when ordering Sheer Descent Waterfalls:

  • Waterfall Style - Sheer Descent, Sheer Curtain, Sheer Rain, Sheer Arc, Rain Arc
  • Lip Color - Clear
  • Length - 1', 18", 2', 4', 5', 6', 7', 8'
  • Dimensions - 3" Tall, 2 1/2" Deep, 1" Lip
  • Feed Type - Back Feed or Bottom Feed
  • Lip Size - Standard (1"), Extended (6"), or Super (12")
  • Super Radius - Convex or Concave
  • 7-10 ft. head loss created. If more water is pushed, more head loss is created.

All Waterfalls take 5-10 business days to ship.