Water Sanitizers

Water so clean and clear, you'll want to dive right in

The Easiest Way to maintain your swimming pool

Simple Savings with Saltwater Chlorination

Keep your pool clean, clear and comfortable with the automated ease of a salt chlorinator.

Easy Maintenance

Enjoy silky smoth pool water without spending hours fussing with chemical levels. Relax while your salt water pool system automatically generates chlorine from ordinary salt and dispenses it directly into your pool water.

Cost Savings

Cut down on the cost of pool sanitizing chemicals by up to 85% when you switch from a traditional chlorine pool to a salt water pool system.* End the costly cycle of failing to add chlorine and paying for expensive algae clean-ups once and for all.

Modern Conveniences

Specially designed technology takes over the task of regularly adding chlorine to the pool. Control it all without ever stepping foot outside when you choose a salt chlorinator that works with an automation system like AquaLink® RS, and the FREE iAquaLink™ app.

*After the initial costs of installing a salt chlorinator, you can save up to $7,000 over a 10-year period compared to a traditional chlorine pool.

Why choose Jandy

A Clean Pool Shouldn’t Clean Out Your Wallet

Jandy’s automated salt chlorinators were specially designed to be the most convenient and reliable way to protect your pool from algae and bacteria.

Whether used with a new pool system or retrofit, Jandy’s salt chlorinators are compact and easy to install anywhere.

Thoughtful design choices make servicing Jandy salt chlorinators simple for anyone.

Automatic self-cleaning features mean less time spent cleaning and worrying about your salt chlorinator.

Jandy’s AquaLink Control Systems give pool owners automated control over every aspect of their pool and spa, including a convenient mobile app.

Jandy builds salt chlorinators with reliability and durability in mind. With a sturdy design and hydraulic efficiency, uncompromised performance is at your fingertips.

Featuring easy and accurate readings, Jandy’s salt chlorinators deliver remote operation convenience without compromising on precision.

Jandy’s salt chlorinators are designed to function alongside variable-speed pumps, meaning pool owners can keep energy costs down while trusting that sanitizer is still being generated automatically.

With the consistent sanitizer levels delivered by Jandy’s salt chlorinators, pool owners spend up to 85% less money on chemicals compared to traditional chlorination methods.

How Salt Chlorinators Stack Up

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