AquaLink® + Alexa the voice control you've been asking for

Now Works With Amazon Alexa

AquaLink pool automation just got smarter.

All AquaLink pool automation systems now work with Amazon’s Alexa home automation to control your pool and spa. Use the Alexa Voice Service to turn on your spa when you arrive home from work, activate your filter pump from the couch or turn on your water features while getting ready — all without lifting a finger.

All Systems Go

The iAquaLink skill for Alexa can be used to control all our user-friendly, innovative pool automation systems — AquaLink RS, AquaLink PDA and AquaLink Z4. As long as the pool is connected to the iAquaLink service, there is no need to update your hardware.

Intuitive Voice Control

Simply ask Alexa to “turn on the spa” or “turn on spa heater.” You can also control additional pool features, such as waterfalls and control the temperature settings by saying “set spa temperature to 102 degrees.”

Ready For A Dip? Just Ask

The iAquaLink skill for Alexa isn't just about control. You can ask, "Alexa, what is the current spa temperature?" and know instantly whether or not the spa is ready.*

*Filter pump must be on for water temperature readings

Start speaking with your pool today — Get Alexa set up on your smart device.

AquaLink Home Automation Partners

AquaLink RS is also compatible with the following home automation systems for integrated pool control

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