JandyColors™ Quartz Halogen (Pool)

JandyColors Small and Large (Pool) Quartz Halogen Colored Light


JandyColors Small and Large (Pool) Quartz Halogen Colored Light

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Parts List

Models Description  
R0451600 Jandy Pro Series Bulb Kit, 60Degree 75W , MR-16 EYC-60 , Colors LG, 2 Bulb Kit, 4 Kits Per Light, Post 09/07
R0451101 Jandy Pro Series Silicone Gasket, Large, Use With White and Color Lights
R0450601 Jandy Pro Series Glass Lens, Large White Light Replacement Kit
R0450701 Jandy Pro Series Clamp Assembly, Large White Light
R0450801 Jandy Pro Series Face Ring, Stainless Steel, Large White Light
R0450901 Jandy Pro Series Pilot Screw, White Light Replacement Kit
R0451001 Jandy Pro Series Clamp Screw Kit, With O-Rings, Large, for Use With White

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